how to name a skincare brand

How to name a skincare brand?

We often get asked why we chose the name Natural Spa Factory and the truth is, it chose us when it came to one of the owners in a dream. We kid you not!

Choosing a name for your brand can feel like a huge decision, so before you put the sign over the door or launch your brand into the world, here’s our top tips on how to choose a name for your skincare brand…

Choose a name you like

When choosing a name, it’s important to choose something you like or that resonates with you. It is likely that if you have any success, you could be saying it all day, every day. Think of it like naming your children, it could be with you a very long time.

Should you use your own name?

Whilst it might be tempting to use your own name for your brand, proper names might be better left to celebrities, otherwise you could be in jeopardy of hating the sound of your own name. Another important thing to consider is whether using your own name would still work if you look to diversify in the future, or take a step back from being the face of your business.

Consider abbreviations

If your name is longer than one word, consider if the acronym will work. PYT and OPI are fine. But if your company is called Active Skincare Systems (A.S.S), you might want to think again!

Make it user friendly

If it’s a long name such as Scaramangerpootlestash Skin Blading Co – consider whether people are going to remember it or even be able to say it.

Think globally

Does your name translate across languages? Over time, as you scale your business, you might find yourself expanding into new markets and your name will need to work wherever you trade. Do your research now to ensure your name doesn’t translate into something offensive, vague, pastiche or ridiculous as this could be a costly problem to rectify.

Make sure it has longevity

Trendy names can sometimes be a winner but is your name scalable if you decide to extend your range or business model? For example, Glow on the Go may not have appeal if you decide to extend your brand with other products such as bikini wax…or perhaps it does!

Keep it unique but simple

Whilst choosing a name that is creative or alluring might seem like a good idea, avoid choosing something that’s difficult to pronounce or spell – your customers need to be able to find you and type your name into Google or Social Media, they may not have a great chance if it’s difficult to spell.

Also, consider whether or not you want to spend time always explaining the reason for your name. Yes, it can potentially make for a great marketing story, but if it really doesn’t make sense, it could be a marketing disaster.

One of the best names out there at the moment is Glossier – it’s easy to say, travels well, and it’s short and to the point. Oh! and whilst we might be biased, we think Natural Spa Factory is pretty good too as it lets you know exactly what we do.

Do your research and gather feedback

Before even thinking about branding, building a website or creating a marketing plan, check that the name is not already in use, not registered with Companies House, and that the domain names for your brand name are all available to purchase.

You might also consider asking your family and friends what they think of your new skincare name. It may have different meaning with different generations, or provide useful feedback you haven’t considered.

So, if the question is what’s in a name, the simple answer is… a lot!

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