What is an INCI?

International Nomeclature Cosmetic Ingredient

An INCI list, is the list of ingredients usually on the packaging of cosmetic products.

INCI names for ingredients are developed by the INC (International Nomenclature Committee) to be globally recognized.

This is useful for lots of people including medical professionals looking to identify the causes of adverse reactions, researchers looking for uniformly referenced ingredients in literature and the cosmetic industry to easily track changes in safety and regulatory status of ingredients on a global scale.

This also provides transparency to consumers.

The INCI list tells us…

  • Which ingredients are present
  • The relative quantities of the ingredients
  • If a fragrance has been added (under phrase ‘Parfum’)
  • Which allergens are present, if any

Allergy Sufferers Take Note

The INCI is especially important to individuals who show allergic reactions to one or more substances. This listing offers allergy sufferers the opportunity to check the listing for any harmful ingredients. Latin names are often used for plant ingredients.