In the quest for smooth radiant skin, we’ve all heard of the well-known heroes (hyaluronic acid) to the more obscure trends like snail slime! But, have you heard of the revolutionary ingredient ageless beauties like J.Lo, Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Obama swear by?

A simple apple. Or, rather the stem cells from apples.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are special human cells that are able to develop into many different cell types. This can range from muscle cells to brain cells. In some cases, they can also fix damaged tissues. Their role in the body is to replace dying cells to repair damaged tissues – stem cells are associated with repair and rejuvenation.


Apple stem cells protect human skin cells

Human stem cells on the skin’s epidermis are crucial to replenish the skin cells that are lost due to continual shedding. When epidermal stem cells are depleted, the number of lost or dying skin cells outpaces the production of new cells, threatening the skin’s health and appearance.

Like humans, plants also have stem cells. Enter the stem cells of the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple tree. The stem cells in this rare Swiss apple are said to boost production of human stem cells, protect the cell from stress, and decrease wrinkles. It contains metabolites that help increase the skin stem cell vitality and longevity. It also repairs damaged tissues, and activates your own skin stem cell regeneration.

You be pleased to know that this apple cell biotechnology is combined with various fruit and root extracts in our Apple Stem Cell Peel Off Face Mask and has been created to deliver an even, bright and glowing complexion as well as promote skin cell renewal. So as they say an apple a day really does keeps ageing at bay!