Creams & lotions are generally the staple of any spa or bathroom. Creams or moisturisers are generally used for the face and body, where as a lotion is more likely to be used on the body.

When looking to create a cream it is important to consider the skin type and any actives you want. For the body you may want to think more about the fragrance and viscosity of the product. It is worth considering the time of day you want to use the product too. Day or Night? Under make up or after showering/bathing if it’s a lotion.



If your customers love these products they will be more inclined to try others in your range. Can be sold as part of a range or on its own.


If you don’t see what you want here please do let us know here what you are trying to create. We love to be challenged and we enjoy creating and turning your ideas into products so please do feel limited.