Private Label Candles
Private Label Candles

Our vegan aroma candles, created with natural cotton linen candle wicks have been created in partnership with the best British perfumers, using 100% vegan friendly, vegetable based ingredients. The luxury candles will ensure your home is left with the ‘spa aroma’ – even when they’re not lit.

Our reed diffusers are created to welcome guests into your home, subtly scenting with the carefully blended, slow release oils that are inspired by fragrances we love from around the world. We recommend regularly turning the reeds to keep the atmospheric fragrances fresher for longer. The different aromas are all available in a diffuser refill option – so that you can adjust the fragrance with the seasons.

Finally, our sensual massage candles made from soy wax are perfect for merging skincare with the gentle flicker of a candle. Easy to use they will not burn your skin and perfect 30g accompaniment for your travels as a reminder of home


If you don’t see what you want here please do let us know here what you are trying to create. We love to be challenged and we enjoy creating and turning your ideas into products so please do feel limited.