The ingredients in our private label cosmetics are as natural as possible, however we often use preservatives and synthetic enhancements to extend shelf life, for safety reasons or for efficacy.

We incorporate sustainability principles into our practices at all levels, from supply chain to material selection. In line with our strong environmental concerns, we are always looking for new alternatives to chemical products such as colour by using natural pigments and gamma ray sterilisation. Our main goal is to promote sustainable innovation and source FAIR TRADE where possible.

Provenance is also important to us – to avoid unnecessary air miles we instead, focus on the network and craft of our suppliers and manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

We make to order so you get the freshest product possible with the optimum shelf life. Whilst not compromising on quality, we do not limit ourselves to organic products – for our customers price is a sensitive issue and our products reflect this. Please get in touch for further information