In order to determine how to achieve success in a skincare business or any business; you need to understand what ‘your’ success looks like. So, here are our tips on what to consider when trying to achieve success within your skincare business.

Redefine Success

Establish what success looks like to you. Is it monetary gain, or is lifestyle your motivator? Do you want to juggle family life and work, or is it a hobby? One thing is for sure, if you are seeking some sort of financial success whether you want a build a side hustle or to become the next Estee Lauder, work out what that number is in the first instance. If it’s replacing your current salary or millions, this figure is a good benchmark to work from in order to determine the sales required to achieve success. Once you have this you can understand what is possible and what you will need to do.

Breaking down your achievements into manageable bite-sized chunks will not only be a good barometer on where you’re heading, it can also prove a worthwhile endeavour to see what you have achieved so far. Your idea of success at this point may change your ambitions up or down.

Know your customer better than you know yourself – ensure customer service is exemplary

Look after your customers and treat them well. That doesn’t mean you need to give everything away for free but they will be loyal if you treat them with respect and communicate (not bombard) to them. Customer service, value added and of course, reaching out for feedback, will often ensure they are happy to overlook your faults in the early days and will turn to you in the future. Don’t forget those early adopters, they will help you reach your success.

Understand what value you can add to your customers lives 

Skincare is very competitive. If you don’t understand what you can offer your customer, you’ll fail to differentiate yourself and stand out in the marketplace. What will make them buy from you over your competitors? Price point and product quality are  important but what else makes your product or brand stand out? Consider results, ingredients, provenance, aroma and brand positioning.

Validate your ideas by asking for feedback, and analysing the competition to look for gaps in the market.

Grow an amazing team around you

True success is likely to only be achieved if you have fabulous people around you and is unlikely to come without support, whether it’s friends and family, advisors, mentors, a business partner or employees. They will lift you when you need it most and share in your success. Choose wisely, not everyone will be happy for you or want to share your journey. Also, nobody will care as much about your business as you do.

Have one eye on the future

Even if you reach some small milestones or success sooner than you thought, you will need to have an idea of what is next. Success can be fleeting, as soon as you get complacent someone will rock up and take your place.

Finally, remember a successful skincare brand doesn’t just appear without a lot of hard work, perhaps investment and dark times. Ask any athlete that has won an Olympic medal – they didn’t achieve their success without blood, sweat and tears. If you want to be an Olympic skincare brand you will need to push through the problems, have sleepness nights and perhaps cry a little too.

Our top tip for success is ENJOY THE JOURNEY.