If you’re embarking on a journey into skincare and you are thinking about creating your own skincare brand, private label could work for you.

What is private labelling?

Embarking on a private label skincare project means choosing from a library of tried and tested formulations (like the ones here at Natural Spa Factory), adding actives where appropriate and branding the products as your own.

What are the benefits of private label skincare?

Private label has shorter lead times to market compared to formulation and lower runs dependent on product. For example, you could have your own skincare brand on the shelf in 3-4 months.

Private labelling means you can raise awareness of your brand instead of someone else’s. It isn’t a magic wand to a successful skincare business however, if you have an existing business, a customer base or you’re just starting out it is a quicker and more cost effective way to get product to market.

Who uses private labelling?

Most of the main high street retailers and supermarkets undertake private label projects and its spreading into spas, hotels, gift emporiums, ecommerce businesses, influencers and niche businesses.

Brands are important to consumers and if you can partner with a quality provider of private label skin & personal care products, it is a potential way of accelerating & extending your brands proposition.

Is it profitable?

Potentially yes, you can make a profitable return, once you purchase the initial stock requirement your RRP (recommended retail price) is entirely up to you and having a lower stock run means you will only buy what you think realistically you can sell.

Private label offers your customers the opportunity to buy goods that represent part of an experience with you, an unusual gift, or something unique it also has the potential for customers to return to you time and time again. For example, if you have your own salon you could have a range of products that reflect your brand, they have a treatment with you and then could potentially purchase the products you used.

If you are a blogger or influencer and have a generous hoard of followers private label ranges are a phenomenal way to test the space with your customers and see if they like what you do, in turn this could be a lucrative revenue stream you.

To recap private label is;

  • Tried and tested skincare or personal care branded with your identity
  • A quicker and more cost effective way to produce a finished and completed own brand spa, skincare or personal care range
  • No costly formulation outlay on products that may not pass testing
  • Short product runs available

Interested in starting your own natural skincare brand? Click here to chat to us about how our private label service can support you!