In our current climate, it is important we all try and look after our environment and surroundings. By adding extra goods into our economy we all have a responsibility to ensure we limit our waste and dispose of the goods effectively so we prefer to not over package. This can be difficult if you want your legislative text or translation hidden so we prefer to use peal and reveal labelling rather than extra cartons, boxes or pamphlets. The components (jars, bottle, tubes, containers, vessels) we use also use need to be environmentally sound and sustainable. Currently we only use;

  • HDPE or PET Recyclable Plastics – great for wet areas and perfect for throwing in your recycling bin
  • PCR (Post Consumer Regrind) – part of the circular economy – used from other plastics, made into other plastics.
  • Aluminium – silver, shiny and recyclable. Light doesn’t penetrate through keeping product inside fresher.
  • Premium Glass – heavier to transport, slightly imperfect when applying labels, breakable but looks STUNNING.

As times change and new materials are sourced we are more than happy to consider any bottle or component you want however, testing for compatibility will be a priority so please do not be offended if we steer you away, it may beautiful to look at but simply not suitable for liquids.

For more information, please do get in touch here so we can discuss your requirements in further detail.

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If you are looking to provide hotel amenities we encourage you to use our bomb proof, handmade stainless steel brackets in single, double or triple size for use with 250ml or 500ml bottles. All brackets are not created equally and ours fit our bottles so please don’t order brackets without first checking dimensions. We can even brand these with your logo too and you can order 1 or 100001. We can then also provide larger size refills and bottles for decanting into.