With effect from July 1st 2013 there were changes made to the European cosmetics legislation 1223/2009 . You can read the full details here;  http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/sectors/cosmetics/documents/index_en.htm  however, please find a brief overview of how these changes affect us and impact you.

In accordance with the new legislation, ALL cosmetic and toiletries brands will need to be registered with the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) – this is a European database and will hold all the relevant safety information on each product, product image including labelling, details of where the products are sold and the brand it is sold under. This applies to all products for all brands from the biggest to smallest and if you are embarking on a retail range under your own brand then as the brand owner of the product you are responsible for ensuring this happens.

As the products you buy from us are made for us, we take the role of ‘responsible person’ and will enter all the information on your behalf under your brand name (if applicable) on to the portal – a legal requirement. This is a huge task and if you order own brand products with us there will be a small administration charge incurred for us to enter your range onto the portal. This is a one off fee but applicable every time you change your products, label or components but not for re-runs of existing lines.

Registering your products on the CPNP will mean that if the competent authorities (trading standards) get in touch with you, you can direct them to us in the knowledge that your products and the selling of the products comply with the law throughout the EU and its member states.

It is key for us to ensure our safety record remains ‘squeaky clean’, and in order for us to operate within the law does take extra effort and costs, but we believe it’s absolutely essential that we adhere to the strict regulations and ensure our customers get the best.